Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Quilt Design Wizard.

Janet was asking which software package I had purchased. It's called Quilt Design Wizard. I know there are other probably better packages to be had, but I figured I'd start off with something simple, and cheap! Just to see how I go.
I had a good poke about at the site before I let my clicky finger loose.

It's a public holiday here in GB so no mail today, that means no fabric or software. I'll just have to content myself with cross stitch again.

Thanks for stopping by.


Shelina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your sweet comments about my denim circle quilt. I enjoyed visiting with you on your blog. I have to chuckle about your comments about building a stash. Although I am sure there are quilters are there who would recommend building up a stash, so that you always have colors, like a painter's palette. Personally I think it best not to build up a stash - since the fabric will get old and you won't like it anyway, and will have to buy new anyway. A few extra pieces here and there probably won't hurt, but personally I think having a stash is overrated. Many people are trying to reduce theirs.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Not me! More more I say. I agree that if you buy 'trendy' fabric ranges they soon go out of style, but it depends on what you like. I buy mainly repros and brights now, and they don't go stale. It's good to have a bit of fabric when you are far from a quilt store I think, just choose something you won't get sick of.