Thursday, 30 August 2007

Stash building.

New Fabric.
Yay! My fabric arrived yesterday, and also my software. So, my fabric is washed, it dried overnight and today I pressed it before cutting strips to make my sashing. I've also made some more rail fence blocks as I had yet another change of plan! (I'm a woman, I'm allowed to change my mind!)
Quilt Design Wizard.
Yesterday while I waited for my fabric to dry I played with the Quilt design sofware, it was fun and quite simple to use, I'll play around a little more to get the feel of it before I actually go ahead and use it properly.
Stash Building.
These few days waiting for my purchases to arrive have not been totally wasted, I did manage to put about 20 stitches into my cross stitch! LOL I've also been shopping, (Bad clicky finger!) I hit the sales department in a couple of online stores and have a few pieces of fabric headed my way. Also I've seen a beautiful quilt in one of the books I recently purchased, Hunney and I both like it and I really want to make it in the same colours, but as the chances of finding the exact same fabric are slim to zero, I've surfed all over the net in hope of finding something similar, I now have assorted charm packs from various collections headed my way. The plan being to use the charms to help us, (Yes Hunneys input is important here) to decide on which fabrics I'm going to use to make the quilt. I forgot to mention, it's a king size quilt for our bed, so I have to get it right first time.
I'll scan the page and post a pic on a day when I'm not trying to post a blog, eat my lunch, and ger ready for work!
I'll post pics of the fabrics as they arrive too. I like pictures. :-)


Fiona said...

I've been clicking away too - just can't resist sale fabric - the exchange rate for dollars just makes it irresistable.

Rose Marie said...

What fun you are having! Since you are so new to quilting, keep in mind that the size from the top to the finished quilt size will be smaller by as much as 3" after all the quilting is done. This could be important if you are aiming for an exact size to fit your bed.