Sunday, 5 August 2007

Still enjoying myself.

My sister Moya came to see me yesterday, she brought my Birthday prezzies with her. This lovely handmade bag is reversable. I love the bugs on it, there are Moths, bees and dragonflies, very pretty.

She also brought me these two pillow cases which she made herself. She bought the pieces for Sue, but placed them all and hand appliqued them. I love them.

And last but not least, while she was here, she had a play on the new machine, here's the message she asked it to write for me, just before she left.

I've been busy again and all the plates are appliqued in place on their blocks and I've begun to quilt them. I can't believe how quickly this is coming together.

Have a good day all.


Rose Marie said...

What a great bag and I love the ide of it being reversible.

Pat Winter said...

Love the bag fabric and shape. How fun to get handmade prezzies!

angelstar said...

Love the bag and the pillow cases. It is fun when you get things that are handmade.

Ribbonwiz said...

Happy Birthday LouLee!
Great prezzies, and that was a good buy for that machine..
Love the reversible bag..