Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Lots to see today.

I've uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the picture I want to talk about first is the one to upload last!

So, in reverse order, cause I'm too lazy to start again.

Ater I'd finished everything else yesterday, I made this little Katies choice block.

I've been looking for something to use up my rose bucket fabrics and I couldn't resist this one, I'll be making more of these.

Dear sons charm top acquired some new charms while my sister was visiting yesterday, I found these red skull charms in her smeggie collection. Sorry it's a poor pic, I snapped it on the fly!

I think they look pretty good in the autumn quilt. I'm sure he will like them. I got it made as far as these 4 squares, I plan to quilt as I go, so it's awaiting some wadding and backing. I may use an old blanket in this one, if I can find one, I'll go trawl the op shops after work tomorrow. Then anything I find has plenty of time to wash and dry before the basket gets filled on Friday evening!

What should have been first but is now last but not least!
These are the awful ebay charms my sister brought with her yesterday. None of them are nicely cut, they are all different sizes so we will have to do some cutting to try to rescue them.

There are twice as many of the blue/grey with small flowers, I may abandon that one for now as it is very thin, a much lighter weight than the other, or any thing I have here. I do have some floral pastels that will blend in nicely with the floral fabrc, it was a quilters cheating fabric, it looks like 2" charm squares and is actually very pretty, but in most cases only one square remains whole!

I was actually here looking for ideas when I found the Katies choice block and got side tracked.
If I add some of my pastels and maybe some of the blues left over from my plates.........?
I do want to try to rescue and use the blue and yellows, as they are very pretty.
Any suggestions anyone?


Clare said...

I love the Katie's choice and the colours of DS's quilt. Are you sure a blanket won't make it too heavy? I'd think carefully.

Andrea said...

Have you thought of using a fleece backing for your sons quilt ? I use it a lot and it is lightweight and very snuggly - just a thought. I too have had some terrible fabric buys from ebay. I tend not to bother now.

Lynda said...

I too am a sucker for 'conversational' prints! I buy all kinds of things and then just stick them in with the right colour scheme. The red skulls work perfectly with the whole autumn theme and add a little cheeky accent!
As to the blue and yellows, I think some mediums will make the palette more interesting. (Peeped at your plate quilt - WOW!)

freddie said...

this revers order stuff did confuse me... beside that it looks really great!
ciao from Rome

michael5000 said...

Heavens, you are making all sorts of progress. I like the "Katie's Choice" block. Anything that's all rectangles is good in my book!

The Dear Son blocks look great -- very nice color scheme, and I love the surprises you are hiding in it. He'll love it!

Ribbonwiz said...

Love Katie's choice block...I think it's called a chinese lantern block..
I too think a blanket might be a bit heavy, you need warmth wothout too much weight.
Just my thoughts..

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Kimberly Jolly said...

Cute cute blocks. Blues and yellows are my favorite!