Saturday, 15 September 2007

Stash Building

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was new to quilting and didn't have any stash?
Well things have changed. It's still embryonic compared to some, but here is the beginnings of the future! LOL

Some was purchased as fat quarter sets, others were pot luck. Some I would have choosen for myself and others I wouldn't dream of picking up.

Some inspire me, and some have me floundering.

But I'm sure they will all get used somewhere.

My sister called round again this morning, we made some more of her pinwheels! Oh, and she found some more charms, Lovely! :-\ Anyway, she's gone to work now so I'm cutting more Katies choice pieces. I must say this one has slowed me down. Hunney is happy with that, I was getting through things a little too fast for his liking!
I've changed my mind again and ordered a piece of fleece for backing the boys charm quilt rather than a blanket and backing.
I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by.


YankeeQuilter said...

I really like the charm quilt you are making for your DS. You obviously have done a lot of needlework - your blocks line up perfectly!

Michael5000 said...

Oh dear, loulee1, you have thoroughly been bitten by the quilting bug. Best start working on your fabric storage system now. Dedicate more space than you think you'll need.

jovaliquilts said...

What fun! When I started quilting a couple years ago, I didn't understand the concept of a stash -- why not just get fabric for the quilt you're making? Now I understand, and boy, it's fun to have fabric! Enjoy building your stash.

Sarah Nopp said...

Well, you will be a Pro at the pinwheels by the end of the project!