Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Chit Chat.

I took a picture to proove that I have been busy, packing and patching! But the cable that hooks the camera to the computer is packed and gone to the new place! So no picture, sorry.

I'll just have to chit chat to you to make up.

I was woken early this morning and lay in bed listening to the black birds chirruping away out side. It was lovely lets me know that the dark mornings will soon end and that spring will arrive.

I've finished the top of the Trailing Hearts kit my sister Moya bought for me for Christmas. If you remember though I want to make it a bit wider by adding an extra side border, I have some fabrics laid by it just now and I take a look everytime I happen to wander by. (I took a picture, hoping to ask for your opinion, but as I said, the cable is temporarily unavailable).

Yesterday as the weather was poor Moya and I took our walk around the Manx Museum. It is currently host to a small collection of quilts. Some antique and some new. I bought a book about the exhibition and the history of quilting here on the island, I'd show you some of the pages, but you can guess what happened to the scanner huh? I'm gonna have a lot of catching up to do!

Marne, from Nanas Quilts asked if I had mentioned where I'm moving to. I didn't, I'm sorry, but I shall make amends now. I'm niot leaving the island, I'm not even leaving town, our new place is very close by. Why move at all you ask? I shall leave here with mixed feelings, I love this apartment, it is beautiful and the house is set in equally beautiful gardens. The downside is, the sound proofing is very poor, we can hear everything our neighbours upstairs do. The lady upstairs works at the local bakery and gets up at 4.15 am most mornings, we can also hear what is going on downstairs, I could moan on for ages, better to look forward.
The new place is another apartment, but we'll be on the top floor, I also happen to know that the sound proofing is much better as the previous tenants are known to a colleague of mine. There is no gardens but there are more rooms. A lovely big bright airy kitchen / dining room. A cosy sitting room, bathroom and under stair storage on the lower floor. Upstairs is a master bedroom with a walk in wardrobe, and two other bedrooms, one of which we'll convert into a study for Hunney. At the moment it takes me about 4 minutes to walk to work, at the new place it will take me 5-6 mins, because I have to cross a busy road! I'll take some pics once we're in and I've got rid of all the boxes.

It's dry today, so Moya and I are off out walking.
Have a good day.


Ali Honey said...

Good Luck with your move. I will understand if we don't hear from you for a while - till you are reconnected. You will probably be too busy to be blogging anyway. Hope it is fine for you Saturday.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

The new apartment sounds nice, I wouls hate to be able to hear my neighbors, all I hear are cockatoos, sheep and roosters!
Enjoy the move, tracey

Feather on a Wire said...

I wish I could see that exhibition. I do you the book, my cousin sent it to me, but some of those antique quilts are to only be seen in person.

Colleen Eskridge said...

Good luck with your move, I am packing up as well here..but leaving the continent!I am looking forward to seeing your quilt.So glad for you to have a special place to sew. Colleen