Thursday, 17 January 2008

More progress.

Here I am again, sorry it took a week. I've been busy you see.
Almost two years ago I quit smoking and since then I've put on a great amount of weight and I've decided it's time to do something about that! Sooooo! My sister and I have been out walking a lot, which cuts into my free time. Any way, you're not here to count pounds with me, you want to see my progress.

Here it is, the pieces are all appliqued into place now and the vines are stitched. I've used DMC 3364 for the vines, not too strong, not too pale, just right in my opinion. Once again the picture is a bit wishy washy, maybe it's not the light at all, maybe it's because the fabrics are so pale.

I have a thin inner border on now, it's an inch wide in a pale blue colour. I've also added the top and bottom sections of the wider pieced border. I want to try and convert this into a crib blanket for a colleagues expected baby, I'm thinking another border just on the sides, as at the moment I think it will be long and thin but hope that with the addition of extra side panels it will be a better shape. I'll have to go shopping, see what I can find.

I'm off now to get the pieced border finished before Moya turns up to go for our walk.

Have a great day.


Linda said...

Very pretty, and it would make a great baby quilt.

angelstar said...

That is very pretty Loulee. I love the colors that you used. Good luck on your walking. Keep up the great work on your quilt and your walking.


Jeanne said...

What soft pretty colors!

anne bebbington said...

This is soooo pretty, a perfect baby quilt

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

lovely and soft. I need to get out and do more walking myself, sigh.

Morah said...

Join us in our quest to lose weight/get healthy. I will be gone this week on retreat but back next week with a Weds. "weigh in" go to my blog and check out the last two weds. We'd love to "grow our support." while shrinking our tummies! Keep strong and love the quilt.

Lynda said...

I'm full of admiration for you, as an ex-smoker! I never smoked myself (thank goodness) but am certain I would never have the willpower to quit. Just keep walking, and remember that a few extra pounds aren't as damaging as a few extra ciggies.
PS The quilt is lovely.