Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Busy, busy, busy.

Not me, my latest quilt! Well I've been busy too, making it. LOL

I set off loosely following Bonnies Strip Twist instructions. Where she uses light and dark values I am using large bright and small drab prints! They are a collection of fat quarters which I bought by mistake! I fell for the cheap cheap price tag, a mystery bundle of fabrics. I hate them all, but won't waste them. Lesson learned. LOL

I really don't like this one, it is marginally improved with the addition of the sashing and border. That navy blue with flowers was a pair of trousers a couple of days ago! They were given to me in a bag of fabrics and odd bits of clothing, they were the only thing in the whole bag that was made of cotton!

I'm going to back it with a piece of fleece, don't know what to bind it with, I think I have some black somewhere. The sooner I'm done with this one, the better, I really don't like it. Did I say that already?

Have a good day all.

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