Sunday, 30 March 2008

Goodies to play with

Yay! Some of my goodies have arrived. Including one I'd forgotten about! LOL

First up the fabrics I ordered from a shop here in GB. DS1 said he wanted a nautical quilt. I've played about with a few ideas and didn't really settle on anything, so decided to get some fabric and kind of force myself to make a decision. I'm still not decided, but my options have narrowed now that I have some fabrics.

In the lower half of this picture you can see two 'coffee and cream' charm packs, they are the beginnings of another plan don't hold your breat though, it may take a while. And finally a 'special stash pack' all in blues. I know it doesn't look it in this picture, but that batik is blue! That was a freebie cause I spent so much money.

Next up is a little roll of fat eigths, all in pretty spring yellows and greens. This is the one I'd forgotten I'd ordered. I have a distinct lack of these colours in my drawers, plus I have lots of lovely fabrics which I just had to have, but nothing that will blend with them as I discovered when I went looking to make a 'Spring' quilt.

I thought I had uploaded three pictures? Hmm, well you know me and pictures. LOL I'll save the last one for another day. I'm off to play.

Happy stitching.


Teresa said...

Lovely fabrics - looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Sarah Nopp said...

Pink- you can always use pink with springy greens :)
I just met a quilter (just moved to my area) whose sister lives on your bit of dry land! She is trying to entice her into learning to quilt LOL

Ali Honey said...

Love the Cowslip colours.