Thursday, 10 July 2008

A few days of nothing.

Nothing very quilty that is. I've been dithering about and wondering what to do next. I could have gotten on and done all kinds of things quilty. I've been dreaming about making a blue and white hexagon quilt, I have more charms for the nine patch I made a start on, there are some ready made Sunbonnet Sue's and flowers languishing in the drawer, but none of that appealed.
So I got on and did a little cross stitch.
Here's how that is looking now, the next little critter has his feet and belly. It's difficult to see what he is yet, but thats ok, cause I don't have a clue what he is anyway! I'm hoping to get some more of the lil guy done today. Maybe once he has a head some of you will venture a guess.

After I've had a play with something quilty that is. My sister called around briefly yesterday and inspired me.
About a month ago I was lucky enough to win these lovely fans in a give away on Karen's blog.
I'm sure she said they were left overs from a swap she took part in. I want to try to include either her name, or the name of her blog into the name of the quilt, as a reminder of their origin. Thank you again Karen for being such a generous lady.
Two still need trimming to a final size and about half of them still needed to be appliqued, I did that last night after Moya had helped me to sort out some sashing, which I'll be putting on this morning.

We also had a good rummage through my scrap basket in the hopes of finding enough bits and pieces to make a scrappy border. I think we managed it. I may make a start on cutting up the scraps later, or I may get on with my critter, I'll see where the days takes me.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my Strawberry Lemonade quilt and pillow slips, I enjoyed making them and loved to get all your kind words.
Just to avoid any confusion, no I'm not hot blooded enough to have no quilt on my bed at the moment, but Strawberry Lemonade will be a winter quilt, the batting which I found in a charity shop is quite heavy and very warm, it will be going on the bed later in the year.

I'm off to play, hope you have a good day.


Karol-Ann said...

Scrappy borders with those fans sound great!

Miss 376 said...

Intrigued to find out who the feet belong too! Looking forward to seeing the border

Lorraine said...

it's fun to have something new to play with....those blocks are really pretty....your "critter" is coming along nicely too....looking forward to seeing how you finish the quilt....

Lurline's Place said...

Have fun playing, Loulee! I hope to play this weekend, too - nothing wrong with that. Your cross stitching takes a lot of time - looking great!
'Bye - Lurline.