Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bearly there.

This is my last day off work, back to the grind tomorrow. Never mind, I have enjoyed my break, hunney and I managed to get a few days out and I've done quite a bit of my stitching.

I just had to take this pic! The ghost of a Polar Bear.

The Pandas nose and mouth is just appearing there too. I'm heartily sick of stitching with white though, so the effect is about to be spoiled, as Mr Polar Bear will get his nose today as I want to work with some stronger colours.
The end of this piece is close, and I'm itching to get it finished, I have plans for these babies and I want to start something new.

Because I forgot last week, here's a pic of my week old birthday flowers, Hunney bought them for me, aren't they beautiful? I love lillies, especially these scented ones. I think they look odd without their stamens, but that orange pollen makes such a mess, I removed them this time, looks like I need to go round again as a few more buds have opened.

I had to wedge the vase in there! The flowers are so top heavy they were toppling it over, I think I need to get a new heavier/taller vase for lillies.

I have the perfect excuse to stay home and stitch all day long, as it's raining cats and dogs again! I do feel so sorry for all those people trying to enjoy a summer holiday, rain is no fun.


Julz said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you Lou - the lilies are gorgeous. The cross stitch is looking so good - did you work out what the little critter is next to tigger? Hugs Jx

Gina E. said...

Belated happy birthday from me too, Lou! Your cats are looking fabulous; it is so satisfying to see something taking shape after you've been working on it so long, isn't it!
It's been raining cats and dogs here too, which is great for our farmers, and me too - like you, I love to stay inside and stitch on a cold wet day.

Miss 376 said...

My mum always used to buy me those lilies. They're beautiful

HMH said...

Beautiful stitching and lovely lilies.