Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Early morning.

What is your first clue of what the day will hold?

When I got up this morning and wandered to the bathroom this is the sight that greeted me. Well, there was a tiny sickle moon, but by the time I'd paid a visit and gotten down stairs for the camera that was gone. I'll leave the camera upstairs tonight and hopefully catch that moon tomorrow.
The world actually looked a little greyer than this but I don't know enough about photo manipulation to correct it. I did click the auto correct button, but quickly clicked the undo button! All of a sudden it looked very green! Anyway, that white blob up there is North Barrule, the most northerly of our small range. I thought the morning light and the snow made it look so pretty.
Last week it was still pretty dark at 07.45, but look here, it's almost daylight. Spring is on her way. So for me, the day holds the promise of spring.

What else is in store for me today? Well last night I almost completed part one of red Delicious, so today I'll prepare part two and maybe make a start on that.
I also want to pop out to the post office and take a walk.


1) No more rain last night
2) The wind is not so strong
3) A late shift.


Ali Honey said...

That's certainly a beautiful view first thing. So glad you didn't sustain any more wind damage - it's been very windy here in NZ the last few days too. We have huge gum trees behind our house and everywhere is now covered in long bark ribbons. It looks so untidy!

Well done too on mastering the French knots!

Narelle said...

I can feel the piece and serenity of the morning with a fresh new day ahead.