Sunday, 1 February 2009


I sat yesterday and put together a little shopping bag. The lining is the same fabric as you see on the handles. There is a pocket inside for keys or a cell phone.
And the pink patch is bright and beautiful. I'll have to get some more of those little tags I use with 'Made by Loulee' on them as I have only two left.
As soon as I had completed the bag I set about getting another started. I'll colour this little Tilda stitchery and pop it onto the front of the next bag I make.
The writing reads 'earth, sun, water and love that's all you need to grow'.
Before starting on the Tilda project I completed the stitching on part two of Red Delicious. Here we have 'Nightshade' and I have part three 'Love apples' all ready to go just as soon as I get done with the next bag.
Though I must say I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make all the seeds in the pomegranates.
1) DS Joe is baking Ginger cookies.
2) Hunney did the laundry
3) 266 days!


Ali Honey said...

I don't do stitcheries as such....but i think I might start. That bag is delightful!

265 days....will it be only the South island?

Stephanie said...

Love the redwork. I'm not a stitcher but I do admire the work of others.

Babooshka said...

I will definitely stick with photography. The detailing is so finite.

Jeanne said...

I'm collecting the Red Delicious patterns. Thought I'd eventually do them in redwork also, not applique. Your photo here clinches it -- love the look of the stitching!
Jeanne :)

Julz said...

Hi Lou - the framed stitchery looks gorgeous - you will be so pleased that you 'rescued' it. Hugs Jx