Thursday, 12 February 2009

That's the end of that!

I'm cutting fabric for my wintry borders this morning, yes, I have a late shift!
How's this for almost perfect fabric usage? The final piece is just fractionally over a half inch, really not worth saving at all.
This first border will be very simple, just a two inch strip of this snow flake fabric, with check fabric corner stones, followed by a silvery grey border. Though I am still playing about with the idea of a pieced border for the next round.
I had intended to spend my evening doing this yesterday, but Hunney decided to have a night off his studies, so instead we spent the evening together, nothing special though, we updated our anti virus! and spent some time surfing the net before having an early night. I think last night was the first time we made it up the stairs before midnight in a long while. I think I was asleep before my head touched the pillow.
Right, the washing machine is finished, I'm off to do something with that lot, then get these borders sewn on!
1) Two late shifts.
2) Time to play.
3) An evening with Hunney.

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Miss 376 said...

What lovely fabric