Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Wintry Skies.

As I walked yesterday I took only a couple of photos. Above you see Snaefell mountain. So named by the Vikings, I think I've mentioned before that Snaefell means 'Snow Mountain'. Hmm, well sometimes. Usually what falls as snow elsewhere, falls as rain here! The image below is taken from above the Mooragh Park, you see the lake and it's island and beyond that, the sea. Don't let the pretty blue sky fool you, the air was very cold and wintry yesterday and it seemed all afternoon there were the briefest flurries of sleet which never amounted to much.

Last night as I sat here sewing I listened to the wintry showers rattling on my windows, there was some sleety hail, which down here turned to water. But up on the hills, there is snow. It's just about seeable on the photo below if you squint, the cloud was very low when I took this picture. This was taken looking roughly South from our bedroom window.
Just to keep in with the theme of looking across the roof tops, I went to the front of the house and took this one too. Here we're looking North and maybe a tad to the East. That white house up there is right at the far end of the mooragh park. Those gentle little hills roll all the way to the very Northern tip of the island.
Enough of all that coldness! On with the warmth. And what could be warmer than a new quilt. I've done quite a bit of shopping recently and felt that it was time to get on with things. So what am I using? And what am I making? I have lots of navy blue with snow flakes and twinkly stars on.

I have silver greys, with more snow flakes and glitter on.

Which I made into a bunch of whirling pinwheels last night! I feel a very wintry quilt happening here.

Now then, to sash with blue? or white? or silver? or what? This morning when I looked at them a brainstorm hit! Why not set them on point? Fine, but that didn't solve the sashing question.

See my friend here? Bottom left? He still isn't right, I fixed him, I fixed him 3 times, but he was determined not to work! So I made another one and threw him in my scraps box!
I've been playing about with my Quilt Wizard program and I just can't decide what looks best, blue or white. Hmm, the only blue I tried is navy blue.....because that is what I have, maybe I should try a pale blue? Unfortunately Quilt Wizard doesn't allow me to save my plans a JPGs so I can't share. I'm off to play.
1) Being indoors on such a cold day.
2) Lots of projects to play with.
3) Hot sweet tea.


Miss 376 said...

We've had snow for the last two days, the boys are out freezing in it now. The only time I'm thankful for an ironing pile! Love the fabric for this quilt, it's going to be stunning finshed

jannimary said...

Brrrrr. It looks bleak, but still stunning scenery. I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilt finished. What a quandry for the sashing. Maybe red cornerstones to make it pop?

Stephanie said...

I love sky pictures. Did you get any of the snow that fell in London yesterday?

Jeanne said...

Brrr, looks wintery and bleak. I like the pictures over the rooftops. I saw that all of the UK had nasty weather.


Torina said...

What about black cornerstones with a little shimmer? It is going to look very wintry.

sewkalico said...

Our snow is gone :-( Perhaps we'll get some more tomorrow. A Winter quilt? Surely we should be wishing for Spring??? LOL. Such lovely colours in your pinwheels!

Gina E. said...

Oh, very pretty fabrics!

Babooshka said...

I am having so much trouble opening blogger blogs. The photography I can get my head round but the needlework is beyond me.