Monday, 2 March 2009

MUUUuuuuum, I'm bored.

Wanna learn to knit?
And the boy said yes!
Here he goes on some chunky needles with some super chunky wool. He's doing really well. I'm not sure what will happen once he gets to his Nana's, I've set him off Right handed and she'll want to help, but she is left handed!
While he was doing that, I was doing this........

Two of the shopping bags I made recently have sold, I'm told there was nearly a fight over one of them. Anyway, I got on this morning and made three more. These pretty squares were leader enders while I was making the wintery quilt. I thought they would make pretty spring shopping bags. I also finished off the very last of my Strawberry Lemonade blocks, there really are no more blocks of this stuff, though there are a few strips of jelly left.

The little denim bag with the pretty blue check pocket is for me. I've been saving the denim for a while just waiting until the right contrast came along. I found it the other day next door in the charity shop, in the shape of a pencil skirt. I was almost a shame to chop up the skirt, but I wanted my hand bag, so it had to go.
It feels like I've hardly had a moment to myself this week, I've certainly had precious little time with my needles until today. So now I'm off to knit some more.
1) Time to play.
2) Someone loves my baggies.
3) It's my long weekend off work, so still two More days to rest and play.


Ginnie said...

Lovely bags, I really want to try making some myself!!

jannimary said...

You look like you are getting ready for spring with your bags. They look so lovely and fresh.

Good on Joe for having a go at knitting. He'll be making his own scarves now.

quiltygal said...

Yep Loulee bags are in the air!! love the patchy look of yours that material is very pretty & you are selling them as well wow I heard last night that the bags I sent to england are being used everyday so that felt good...nice to see Joe knitting Embridery next??

Miss 376 said...

Not surprised they are fighting over your bags, they are gorgeous

Stina said...

Love your bags...the colours is so wonderful!!