Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sunny days.

It's been another beautiful day here in Ramsey and in spite of the fact that I rowed my way across the sitting room this morning, I just couldn't resist going out for a walk this afternoon. Last night I think I had the worst nights sleep ever, I've been feeling low all day, but a good dose of sunshine has lifted my mood a little.
It's been a few weeks since I was in Poyll Dooey and almost a year since I took a camera. I didn't go mad, just a few pictures this time.
Firstly the sign, pointing in completely the wrong direction!

The Sulby river which runs along side the nature trails is tidal and while I was there the tide was coming in. This old gate post has been washed by the tide for as long as I can remember, I really don't know why it's there at all.
After a walk around some of the many foot paths that make up the nature trail I walked up the road a short distance to the old railway line. The track used to run around Ramsey prom and harbour then on to Peel on the west coast of the island.

Today the majority of the line is gone, but the lane remains as foot paths.
I came across all manner of plants and animals, this blossom caught my eye and the camera.

I could hear Bumble bees buzzing away in the gorse, I saw butterflies dancing their spring dance, all around me I could hear birds singing and chirruping away. I saw magpies and pheasants and even a peacock! Though none of them would stay still and pose for my camera.
By the time I returned to the start of the walk the tide had come in.
Of course all of this healthy exercise means that once again I've done very little in the way of needle work. I'm off to see if I can finish the second front of this cardigan before I have to make dinner.
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Janet said...

Love your walks! Especially with such beautiful trails!

Thanks Lou

jannimary said...

You've had a lovely week off, enjoying being out in the nice weather. Thanks for sharing your rambles.