Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bit O' This, A Bit O' That.

It's still school holidays here, and DS Joe is still trying to keep me busy. Yesterday the weather was awful, so we didn't go out anywhere, except to get a few essentials, well they are essential if you want to make Lamingtons! Yummy. My baby sister came for dinner and Joe wanted to make dessert. He set out wanting to make souffle, but I managed to convince him that Lamingtons was a much safer bet. I'd show you a picture of the finished result, but we scoffed the lot!
As my sister was coming I had to put the fan quilt away again, my sewing corner is the corner of the dining room! Here it is nestled in its bag, hopefully today the extra wadding will arrive and I'll be able to get the last panel quilted and on then I can add the binding.
I may have had to put the quilt itself away, but while Joe was baking I was able to spend a couple of hours finishing off making the scrappy binding. I had a series of pieces ready to be sewn together, I simply cut some more 2.5 inch squares and put it all together.
It's all ready to be added once that final panel is in place. I'm not sure I'll get chance to do it today though as it is a nice looking day and I did promise Joe we could go out for lunch. He'll want to walk too. He likes the idea of being in charge of one of the cameras.
I've also done a little more knitting and have only a tiny bit left to do on the second jacket, I could have it finished in less than a day if I pull my thumb out!
That's it on the crafty front. I did say I'd show more pictures of our day at the Wild Life Park, so if you don't want to see loads of pictures of critters, now is the time to leave.
It's spring here in the Northern half of the world, so everywhere we looked there were nests and babies. The Park is situated on the edges of a Curragh or swamp, so there are lots of water loving creatures, especially ducks, everywhere you look you see ducks. There were about 5 of these huge storks nests all clustered together.
This old pelican has been around for a long time. He is not as glamorous as his pink relatives, but is a great character.
Hunney loves the European Lynx. There are three. Mum, Dad and Junior.

DS Joe was bothering the Rhea, until it posed for a photo.

Everywhere we looked there were nests and and spring activities going on.Ducklings!! We saw hundreds of em!

And quite a few mums too!
Who doesn't love the penguins?

We took lots more pictures, I may show them another day.
1) A few days off work.
2) Lamingtons.
3) Time with my family.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great animal pictures...looks like a good day out.

jannimary said...

It souls like you have all enjoyed Joe's holiday time. I'm looking forward to see your progress on the fan quilt.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Look forward to more photos. The critter pix look great.

Lynda said...

Spring pictures are so uplifting at this time of year.