Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Got your walking shoes on?

All this beautiful weather has me out walking and yesterday instead of sitting home sewing or knitting I got my shoes on grabbed the camera and off I went.
I headed to the beach and the tide was waaaaaay out so that's where I went. The next bay over is called Lewaigue, which means Moorings.
To get there I have to walk passed the arches, I couldn't resist a picture of the shady glen and was tempted to go on up there,
But stuck to the sunshine on the beach, I wasn't the only one out there, I saw dog walkers, and evidence of fisher men digging for worms.
There were too many shells to count, no I don't collect them. But I just had to take a photo of this one.
This reef is guilty of
Wrecking this ship, many years ago.
For as long as I can remember this ship wreck has sat here on the beach, each year it disintegrates a little more.
There are sandy areas and rocky areas, some of the properties have foot paths down to the shore.
It really didn't take me long to get out to Lewaigue. This was once a very fashionable place to promenade. The Victorians planted gardens here and had a picnic area, these days it's become pretty wild and overgrown. But it is still a nice place to walk.
Once I had climbed up off the beach I looked back toward Ramsey in the distance.
Then I set off along the old prom, I didn't go far as I was conscious that I had to get back to town, cooled off and showered before having to go to work.
But I did go far enough around the corner to see this dive boat at work.

I decided to walk home along the road rather than along the beach, it was cooler under the trees and I still got occasional glimpses of the water.I had to cross the tram lines. The electric trams only run during the summer months and motorists need to be reminded to watch out for them.

Here is the waiting room for the tram stop.

No trams came along while I was there. Though I did hear two later on.
I carried on my walk along the road and in no time I was back in hearing distance of motorbikes.
But I was walking through some beautiful country side.
A little farther along the road I wandered onto another foot path where I crossed a river and walked up stream for a while, before rejoining the road and coming home.
I'm off out for another walk this afternoon, it's too nice to stay indoors.
1) Less than 24 hours till I meet Jannimary.
2) Scorching sunshine.
3) Cool water.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Thanks for the tour...looks like a lovely place to live.

(just an aside and perfecting in keeping with the TT event on your island...the "word" verification is exturbo!!)

Lynda said...

What a lovely walk. I really envy you living so close to the sea. It's fabulous for walks all the year round.

Jeanne said...

Ooooh, the secret garden behind those shady arches looks intriguing! Such a lovely walk, thanks for bringing us along.
Jeanne :)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Beautiful photos today, have you got the coffee on, that looks just like a spot I would love to visit!
On the "uploaded in the wrong order" comment...I just click on them and move them round where I want them when creating the post, have alittle play!
Love the stitcheries..the chicken one is too die for!!