Monday, 8 June 2009

I've been a bad blogger!

I forgot to take a picture!
When I met Janice last week she gave me a lovely gift, but klutz that I am I had left her gift at home.
I got Scissoroos! Aren't they cute? and an Annie Downs book, which Janice asked Annie to sign for me. Wonderful, I am so spoiled.
As Janice had said it was her husbands birthday I had bought him some Manx coasters.
I made her a pretty little needle book, which is the bit I forgot to photograph! We'll have to wait for her to get home and get a photo then. I was so sure I had done it, but can't find it anywhere on this computer or on either of the camera memory chips.
Because I had forgotten her gift on Wednesday I had a chance to add a little something extra and dug out this butterfly pattern.
I still have a copy, I liked it so much I bought two! Shh! Don't tell Hunney. ;-)
There won't be much sewing done today as Joe and I are off for a day out, I think we're going on the electric tram to Laxey. We'll take at least one camera with us.
Speaking of Joe, he is hanging over my shoulder waiting for me to finish!
1) Beautiful weather again.
2) Guests for dinner last night.
3) A day out.

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Miss 376 said...

What a special gift. Enjoy your day out