Monday, 1 June 2009

Lots to show today.

I have done loads of stitching, honest, but because I did my usual and uploaded the the photos in the wrong order.....!
First up is a look at the TT practising. I've really only included these images so you can see how truly close to the action we can get.
On Saturday evening Hunney and I went to a friends place to watch the bikes practicing. Yes, that thing up there is a bike of sorts, it's a racing sidecar. The bikes were doing in excess of 160MPH as they passed us. The fence you see below is the garden boundary and the black and white line is the edge of the pedestrian foot path /sidewalk, we're not allowed on that!!
As you can see road racing is a lot different to circuit racing. Every evening this week the roads will be closed for practicing. Allowing the riders to re familiarise themselves with the road and for new comers to learn the road. They must also complete a certain number of laps inside a set time or they will not be allowed to race next week.
Next week, the roads close during the day time, they close after everyone has gone to work and ideally they will open again just in time to let everyone go home again.
The course is a twisty, bendy, bumpy, 37.5 miles long and they can complete a lap in under 20 mins! Some of the more experienced riders on the bigger machines do more than 200mph in places.
That's enough of that, on with the stitching.
Yesterday was a good day, I got loads done. I did absolutely no housework, I spent a lazy day on the sofa with my box of threads and my projects. I'm all up to date on Cheryl's Verandah Views.
Here you see 'The Buffet'
And 'Fowl Play'.
And of course 'Bed and Breakfast'.
I have changed the colours in places to suit what is available in my scraps box. (Oh yes, after being a cross stitcher for many many years I have a box full of bits of thread, and of course people have given me kits and half kits along the way, left overs and grannys name it, you know how it goes and how we acquire stash without having to pay a penny.)
So once that was done I put it all away and pulled out the next project box, it was Ellie's Country Calender. I printed, traced and pieced March to May, before getting back onto the sofa. I kept on stitching until I ran out of daylight. Stopping only to throw a salad together for tea.
I'm almost up to date with that too! I MAY get done this morning before work. Pun intended.

The fabric used here is from a 'Wild Flower Serenade 2' Jelly roll.

These could all do with a good iron, I just pulled them from the hoop once I was done.
I still have 'Once upon a time' and 'Red delicious' to catch up with. I'll see what happens, I may get on with those, or I may drift to something else as neither one seems appealing at the moment.
None of my other projects have moved by even one stitch!
Time to get on with my day.
1) Beautiful weather.
2) A relaxing weekend.
3) Time with Hunney.


Jeanne said...

Both "Verandah" and "Calendar" are really cute! Someday I'll get to them ...

Karen said...

You have been busy. Wonderful stitchery!

Miss 376 said...

What a fantastic day you have had, they all look fantastic