Friday, 12 June 2009

One Final Wonderful Day.

Janice and her husband arranged to collect Joe and I from home and take us out yesterday, before they arrived I had time to get my little basket of red bits looking like this. Now can you tell what it is?
I mentioned that I had bought two copies of the Butterfly pattern I gave to Janice, well, I just had to get mine out and have a play. It's a fairly small project and I'm enjoying working on it, in fact I plan to do another in different colours, or maybe just blue. You know I love blue. (A word of warning, I bought one pattern from an on line store and another off ebay, I'm fairly sure the ebay copy is a rip off, although beautifully packaged in plastic wrap, it was entirely different to the one I found in the on line store and inside the pages have been poorly copied with the ends of words missing from the edge of the page. Grumble, grumble, ebay rip off, grumble grumble, honest traders bad name, grumble, grumble.) Hopefully today I'll get to sit and applique the bodies onto the blocks then it's on with cutting the sashing.
Our day out with Janice and Mick was lovely, we went through to Douglas and visited the Manx Museum. I've been several times and even Janice and Mick had been in before, but wanted to look some more. I set Joe loose with the camera.
Here's just a taste of what impressed him.
After the museum we had a very nice lunch in a local pub. Every where we looked there were TV screens showing TT images, there were bikers all around us and the sound of bikes out on the prom. I wish I had taken a picture of Joe with his BBQ Ribs. They were gone in no time. For dessert we wandered along the prom to get locally made ice cream. Yummy.
After lunch I guided Mick to Maughold where we stopped to look at carved stone crosses. They were carved here on the island from the 6th century onward. (Look Here) The crosses have been gathered together and put into a shelter in the church yard.

I had to get a picture of this pretty window at the end of the shelter.Joe and I had a wonderful day, I hope Janice and Mick did too. That was our last meeting, we said our goodbyes and swapped snail mail addresses and agreed to meet again in a couple of years. It was a nice experience to meet someone through blogging and I don't think I could have asked to meet a nicer couple. When I booked the week off work I really didn't envisage spending so much time with them, but I'm glad I did.


Well that's all my news, time I got on with some laundry and some sewing.



1) Friendly Bloggers.

2) Sunny days out.

3) A holiday at home.

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jannimary said...

What a lovely day out we had with you and Joe. We saw so much and had a yummy lunch - thanks for the suggestion of the pub.