Friday, 5 June 2009

Some Un sewing!

Although I had the morning to myself yesterday, I took only a short walk and didn't bother with the camera, of course I wished I had as I saw some bikes with fantastic paint jobs, even people who are not into bikes at all would have appreciated the art work.
I spent quite a bit of time drooling over fabrics at various online stores. I can only drool at the moment, Hunney had some BIG bills for his car recently and I have pushed all of our savings into the holiday fund for NZ. Hunney is watching the exchange, just waiting for a good spot to whip it all down there. So all of that means limited funds for extras for a few weeks.
Why was I drooling? When I was out with Janice the other day, she reminded me that I have some Aussie Quilting magazines and that they have ads for Kiwi quilting and sewing shops! Of course, no harm in planning where I want to shop! While I was looking through the magazines I came across a quilt pattern I would really like to make and that led to the window shopping as I searched for just the right fabrics. For the curious it is 'Peaches and Cream' in Vol 15 No 12 and Vol 16 No 1 of Australian Patchwork & Quilting. I had received one of the magazines from Claire and at the time I hunted high and low for a supplier in GB to get the other part. Yesterday while window shopping I came across the perfect fabric collection Patisserie. I feel some yards and a fat quarter collection calling to me from across the Atlantic. I can't seem to find the whole collection in one place here in GB
All of that meant I had very little time left before going to work. So I did as the title of the post says and got on with some un sewing! Remember these?

They have sat in the drawer for an age, doing nothing, the inspiration I had for them ran out, so I have unstitched them. A new idea has come to mind, they will still be nine patches, but I'm going to mix them up a bit.
Add a few more and some lovely wide sashing with maybe a little stitching or applique. Hopefully a quick and easy quilt. But first I have to iron all of those squares flat again, they still have their seam creases in them.
Limited funds may mean no new fabric collections just now, but I can still trawl the charity shops for denim. I found another bundle yesterday and they are having a turn in the washing machine as we speak.
I may start cutting some of my denim and then I can called the denim quilt a Work In Progress.
Yesterday I also cancelled my subscription to the British Popular Patchwork magazine, to be honest the only thing I was ever inspired to make in two years were a few Christmas items. I still have my Fons and Porter subscription, and have a few issues remaining on that. I may subscribe to the Australian P&Q I just linked to.
So whats in store for me today? The weather is cooler and there is rain, so I'll stay home and look for a documentary to watch while I paddle around the sitting room on the rowing machine. I have 108 x 5 inch charms to iron! I could in no time get up to date with the country calendar BOMs, I think there is 20 minutes of sewing left for May and I'd be up to date as I didn't print and prep June yet. I could make a start on cutting my denim and dig out a thicker needle and some blue thread, or maybe I could go and buy some golden yellow thread? Maybe I'll use that when I start to 'close the windows'.
1) Lots of things to play with.
2) Cooling rain.
3) It's a small world really.

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Miss 376 said...

hope you finally made up your mind what you wanted to do, look forward to seeing the results