Monday, 15 June 2009

They're flying.

I'm still working away on my butterflies, and boy is this project flying. I settled on a quilt near the ditch and I'm about half way done with that, just a few more butterflies to do then it's on to the border.
I'm not following the shape of the butterflies, just going around the squares. I still like the idea of the buttons in the corner stones so I'll pop out later and see whats on offer in the local shop. I have red fabric for the binding, which I hope to get on today.
I really would like to revisit this pattern someday and do it in a different colourway.
I had a little time to spare yesterday before going to work, so I prepped another little stitchery project, this one is for a pressie. I couldn't start yet though as I couldn't find an embroidery thread in just the colour I want, so it was a look about on the WWW and hopefully some will arrive tomorrow. I should be able to show a picture of it soon. Since I went private, I know who is looking in and who isn't! LOL
Is it just me, or is blogger playing silly beggars? I've been reading blogs this morning and actually have time to comment, but I can't. Well, I can write the comment, type in the silly word thingy and then I get a message from blogger saying, ''Not available''. Did I leave a comment and I just can't see it, or did I not leave a comment?
Well if I can't leave comments, I'm of to fly some more.
1) Green thread in my stash.
2) Hunneys home today.
3) No chores to do.

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Miss 376 said...

Who knows the mind of blogger! I am sure this quilt will look lovely with buttons. Hope you find some you like