Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm going round again!

I popped my flimsy onto the bed yesterday and decided to add one more border.
I like to have a bit more hanging down the sides and bottom of the bed. We only get away with that blue one because we have a blanket underneath! What is it? Cindy's Butterfly's.
That should keep me out of mischief for an hour or so.
I'm off for my day at the office today, a long phone call with my course facilitator and plenty of paperwork. I've not yet done anything with the stitcheries I had underway, maybe I'll find time over the weekend, I've also started another bag, it was inspired by the one just posted at Moda Bake Shop. My copies of Australian P&Q and Homespun turned up yesterday while I was at work, ( I didn't seem to have to wait so long this time,) so they are vying for my attentions too, I'll take one of them on the bus with me this morning, maybe the one I fell asleep holding in bed last night.
1) DS took me out for dinner.
2) Inspiration everywhere.
3) 2 more sleeps!!


jannimary said...

Your new quilt looks great on your bed. I checked out the bag on Moda Bake Shop. Scummy!

Cardygirl said...

It will look great whatever you do!

Pam Marshall said...

Love Homespun but have not did a mail subscription yet. Can't find very often here.
Loave your work.

paulette said...

Loulee! This quilt is gorgeous! Well done!

Allie said...

It looks GREAT on the bed!!! Enjoy all your inspirations!

black bear cabin said...

your quilt is so lovely! i love all the colors, with the neutral border! what color border are you going to add? i have to agree...i like my quilts to hang down further on the sides, etc...that way, when the hubby hogs the blankets, i still have a little left on my side of the bed :)

oh, and by the way, there's nothing like falling asleep with a new magazine in your hand...sounds wonderful!