Monday, 7 September 2009

Not Much Happening.

There really isn't much going on in my world at the moment. Well, not much but work! This week in a change to my usual routine I've got three days in the office, not my usual office either, I have three days in the Ramsey office. That should give me plenty of time to catch up on some paperwork.
So, here's a peep at the flowers Hunney bought last week. The peachy coloured lilies have gone, but these beautiful Christmas Lilies have now opened up.
Yes, for the sharp eyed among you, I have removed the anthers, though they look odd without them, I hate all that pollen.
I've done a little work on my SSCS, but I'm not showing, sorry. Instead have a look at my knitting. It's grown a little.
Not a very good picture I'm afraid, it's still a little dark and murky here so I had to use the flash. That's my news, like I said, not much to report really.
1) We collected our wedding rings. :-) :-) :-)
2) Flowers from my Hunney
3) A cosy quilt on my bed.


jannimary said...

Not much happening!! I call picking up your wedding rings something happening!! How exciting. The time is drawing near.

Lynda said...

The lilies look fabulous - I love the smell!

Allie said...

The flowers are lovely - and woohoo, you picked up your rings! Congrats!

AnnieO said...

How exciting that you picked up your rings and are fewer and fewer days from flying away to your wedding day!

I would call those lilies "stargazers". Do they have a heavenly scent like some do? Very pretty and they last a long time so you get to enjoy them.

Annemariesquilt said...

Ahh what a lovely hubby you have, bringing you flowers and everything...