Thursday, 22 October 2009

One final piece of homework.

Well I took my exam yesterday and have only one essay left to write. It looks easy enough and they are expecting only a short piece, so hopefully I'll get that done today.We were told yesterday by the course facilitator, that we have all passed, without even taking into account the marks for the exam or the final essay, we have all accrued enough points already to have gained the qualification! Whoopee!
Meanwhile today you have this image. I thought it appropriate in the circumstances!

Because I'm allergic to gold, we have silver wedding rings and we'll be leaving in two days! Mustn't get too excited yet, just the small matter of one essay and one final shift at work. If I have time, I plan to sew a little today too. Maybe I'll have a quilty picture for you tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow I'm off out with a girlfriend, we'll do lunch and a little girly shopping, it's been an age since I did that, I'm really looking forward to it.
1) All exams are done!
2) Homework will be over and done, today!
3) A girly day out.

Edited to say........

The homework is all done, it took less than an hour. Time to play!


Rowyn said...

Wow, you're really close now! Good luck with the wedding and safe travels. Look forward to hearing some details on your return!

BTW, hope you're packing some warm clothes. The weather is all over the show right now.

Andrea said...

Have a wonderful wedding and holiday. I wish you all the very best for your future xxx

jannimary said...

It must be a big relief having your course as good as done and dusted. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

Miss 376 said...

So glad all your hard work has paid off. Enjoy the shopping

sewkalico said...

All the very best for the big trip and the big day!!

black bear cabin said...

hurrah...all the homework and exams are finished!!!! isnt that a wonderful feeling! Now on to more important celebrations, vacations, happiness and good times :)
Have a fun day shopping!

AnnieO said...

I never knew people could be allergic to gold--but your rings would mean just as much even if they were made of yarn! Congrats on getting all the work study out of the way so you can play for awhile before your big adventure. Best wishes for your wedding day and happy start to your married lives.

Annemariesquilt said...

Congrats on your exam!!! Yohoo..
My husband and I have white gold as weddingrings so they are not to different from yours.
I guess you soon will be off for NZ, I wish you a wonderful trip. I hope you will take lots of pictures and show us bloggfriends your trip later on ;-))

Allie said...

Woohoo - playtime! Congrats! Those rings are lovely!