Saturday, 6 March 2010

Changing Direction Again.

Instead of quilting the flower quilt yesterday afternoon I curled up on the sofa to watch/listen to a movie while I finished off the last of the stitchery for Verandah Views. And this morning I pulled out some fabrics and started to put it all together.
Rather than using Cheryl's suggested thread numbers I just used up left overs and bits and pieces from the thread box. And for my fabric selections I used some slices from a shops own jelly roll. These little flowers were too pretty to resist. I had thought I might use my Mill House Inn jelly roll, but those fabrics just didn't sit right with my thread choices, so I get to keep that Figgy goodness for something else. :-) Of course using Jelly slices means that I have a bunch of 1 inch pieces left, I'll use some of those to border a label for the back. I didn't stitch that yet, I just drew it this morning, something very similar to Cheryl's own.
By the end of today I'll have four quilts waiting to be quilted, 3 fairly small and one fairly large. I should really get on with it!
But first to answer a couple of questions. My last post had a comment from Quilt Hollow, she asked about the dream Green batting. I did try to reply via email, but that was a no go!!
The dream green batting has become my favourite. I know the quilt police will have a fit, but, well, they are MY quilts.I can honestly say that the very first time I used it under a brilliant white fabric I did sort of notice a greenish hue showing through, but maybe I just got used to it, Because I don’t notice any more.The flower quilt has off white back ground fabrics and you really can’t tell through that. It is a beautifully soft batting, who would have thought pop bottles could be so nice?And it has plenty of ‘grab’. I hope that answers a couple of questions.
Hmmm, blogger has changed my font?!
I'm feeling much better, the last lots of tablets seem to have done the trick, I'll be back at work next week. :-(
Take care.


Lurline said...

Pretty as ... just lovely! Interesting to hear about the 'green' batting - must look into it further!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Karen said...

I am not familiar with the Dream Green batting. I think I will Google it and do some reading.

Allie said...

Love your Verandah Views, the flower fabric goes wonderfully. I need to start that one! Glad you're feeling better.

Miss 376 said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. the fabrics you've chosen go really well together

black bear cabin said...

those florals work so nicely with the stitcheries :) as for that green batting...i too, was wondering if that stuff was any good...perhaps ill give it a try :)

Jeanne said...

Lou, the florals are perfect with the embroidered blocks! Very nice!!!