Saturday, 20 March 2010

Not A Finish!

Just for a change, I have no finishes to show today. I got nothing done after work yesterday afternoon. I had no energy left, so I sat and read your blogs, then made a huge pan of spag bol for dinner, there was sooooooo much that there is plenty left for another day. And yes, it was yummy.
This post is not entirely devoid of crafty content though. Look what the postie had delivered for me. It was sat on the steps waiting for my arrival. Some Figgy charm packs, just because they are figgy. I may use some of the Gypsy Rose charms in DDs quilt.
A schnibbles pattern, I saw this one around blogland a lot a few weeks ago, I think it must have been the schnibbles a month pattern recently. This one especially I fell in love with. (Scroll down a bit) And of course I just had to have the book given my recent interest in using up my scraps.
I also signed up for this BOM. I think I'll need to organise another project box!
Time for work again. Would someone please purchase the winning lotto ticket for me. I promise to open a guest house with quilty shop attached, it will have class rooms and all the things we'll need. The doors won't open until 10.30, plenty of time for a lie in and get some breakfast. Of course last one out locks the doors. You can all come visit and we'll sew together.
Have a great day.


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely dream, I always wanted a wool shop but as time has gone on, a craft shop would be better. Cater for everything, lol

Anonymous said...

I'll be your first guest please only you mustn't tell my family where I've escaped to - lol. And scraps ? They are taking over my house - need to do something with them - haven't made a scrap quilt for a while.

Allie said...

What lovely charms! Oh yes a quilty retreat - sounds FABULOUS.

em's scrapbag said...

Fun mail I just bought a couple of Figgy Charm packs. Great minds must think a like.

Kris said...

Yep! I will be there too! Sounds lovely!

Jewells said...

Ah! someone else who thinks like me about sleeping in a "bit" longer.. love your idea, and I would be a returning border!...cheers...Jewells

Janice said...

Keep a spare bed for me, it sounds devine! However, back in the real world, I love the Madeline pattern in Rouenneries. Your charm squares are lovely too. I'm sure they won't last long. Have fun with your BOM.

joanna said...

Hope you enjoy your Figgy goodness!