Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A new Toy and a visitor.

Well it's not been all work, work, work. I have had a visitor over the weekend. Shirley Goodwin is on a European tour and is staying here on the island for a couple of days. It's really nice to have her here and lovely to talk quilty talk with her.
Yesterday we were out doing the touristy thing and also had a look at the shops, look what I found.....

A baby iron, just the right size for pressing little patches. And oh so cute.
The latest version of French Roses, now named Kaiy's Roses is progressing slowly. I was feeling pretty blah about it, but with a little encouragement I made some progress and now all the blocks are joined and the first border is on. All thanks to Shirleys gentle encouragement.

I had to try out my new iron, so of course it's a pieced border. Now I'm off to hunt out some more off white for a second border. Maybe, just maybe I'll have a completed top before Tony and I head off to London for a few days.


Miss 376 said...

Oh, I love your new toy, so cute

Annemariesquilt said...

Tiny, tiny but lovely lovely.
Have fun with your quiltfriend!!

Janice said...

What a little cutie. Hopefully your mojo will now return.
It sounds like you've enjoyed your time with Shirley, showing her your lovely island.

Allie said...

What a cute little iron!! Glad to hear your quilt is progressing - send Shirley here next, will you? I can't seem to get motivated at all!

Ali Honey said...

Very cute. Pink too!