Friday, 8 October 2010

Another day off.

Shh! Don't tell anyone or they'll have me in doing more overtime!
I have been making the most of this time off, I've done a little knitting, look at this teeny tiny sleeve.
I've almost completed this little sweater now, I should have shopped for buttons when I was out this morning, never mind, it's an excuse to go back to the shop! LOL
I've also spent some time working on my SSCS project, it too is almost done, well the main gift is, I just need to sort out what else I can add to it and make an ornament. I know what the ornament will be, hence the trip to the crafty shop this morning.
No pictures, you'll have to make do with the label as a wip.
My knitting needles are calling me, I wonder if there is a decent movie on this afternoon? Oh yes, and I reshuffled the furniture again, you know how it is, you can never get it right on the first go around. Now I have my seat in the perfect spot for the TV. ;-)

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Shirley Goodwin said...

I bet that little sweater is going to look great!