Friday, 22 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

I had a great day yesterday, I got loads of things done. As well as baking 2 dozen scones and prepping some pastry for today, I took some items to the charity shop next door and dropped another bag of with a friend. Then I was able to spend some time up in my room. I prepared a whole bunch of stuff so that I could work on it while I sat down stairs with Tony in the evening.
I finally remembered to sort out buttons for the Aran sweater, I stitched them on later. I sorted out ribbons and buttons for one of the Secret Santa projects, and stitched them on later.

I made a second SS item and found pretty threads for embellishments which were added in front of the TV.

I made a third SS item and need to find one more special part for that.

A fourth SS item was also completed and the final few stitches finished by hand in front of the TV.

With a little time left before Tony was due home from work I set too with some scraps and made some Christmas ornaments. Yep!! You guessed it, the buttons, bells and ribbons were all added later while watching TV. Needless to say I didn't get much knitting done last night!


So whats up today?

I'll be making pies with the pastry I made yesterday, hopefully some of them will make it into the freezer! Then it's back up to my little nest, to make more Christmas gifts. :-)


Miss 376 said...

A great way to have thing organised. Have another enjoyable and productive day today

Janice said...

And productive, productive, productive! I love your little trees. What a great way to use up those little Christmas scraps. The little jumper turned out super cute. It looks lovely and snuggly for a little one.

QuiltSue said...

What a busy day. You got so much done. I save binding quilts usually to do in the evenings so I can be sociable at the same time. I love your little bells, they are really cute.

black bear cabin said...

that sweater is gorgeous....LOVE IT! and your little ornaments are cute too...sounds like you are putting your new room to lots of use :)