Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sewing in my new place.

The bed is gone!! And with a little more shuffling about I think I have things how I'd like them to stay, for a while anyway. Yes, the flags are staying.
I still have one or two bits that need homes, but that will come.
I'll have a full table on Saturday, with eight of us eating. Hmmmm, I only have sets of six place mats, except for Christmas stuff, and I'm not going there just yet. So this afternoon I set to and made some. I used only fabrics which mum gave to me. Do you remember when she brought round that huge bag of curtain samples? Here's a sample of the backs.
And the fronts. Even the bindings are made from sample fabric.
They are made from the backs of the samples which I removed! I used off cuts of batting for the middles. It looks like I have my next couple of evenings all sewn up closing these bindings.
I plan to make some cushion covers tomorrow. Just wait til you see why.


Miss 376 said...

Just hope nobody drops food on them, they are gorgeous

Highland Monkey's said...

I love it when you can make such lovely items out of re-cycled material.

Gari said...

Your placemats look really great. That's what I have been working on but mine are Christmas gifts.

black bear cabin said...

i agree...those are so pretty, id be afraid to eat on them :) the back is just as pretty as the front too!