Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sewing and unsewing.....

The fabrics I ordered for the SSCS have arrived, and this morning I've had loads of fun playing with them. There were some frustrations too, hence the unsewing. That said, I got through much more than I thought I would. I'll get on and do a little more to that this afternoon.
You can't have a blog post without a picture, so I thought I would show off my latest acquisition! I went out yesterday looking for last minute supplies for the SSCS and this book leaped of the shelf and into my hands, begging for me to buy it.
I see some Christmas stockings in my future! LOL
Thanks for all the compliments for Katherine's wearable art, seen in my last post, I have forwarded all your comments to her, I'm sure she will be tickled.

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Gari said...

Great stockings, would love to make some, too.