Friday, 28 October 2011

Whats in my Name?

I still can't show you what I'm sewing at the moment. But I can report that after a change of direction, I feel very much happier with my secret projects. :-)
I noticed a couple of weeks ago that many bloggers where explaining their blog names and titles. Mine is quite simple, I wanted something which reflected my home. The Isle of Man. People and things that come from the island are called 'Manx' hence, Manxgirl.
That long panoramic picture up there in the page header is of the Northern third of the island. I live in Ramsey, that's it there just nestling on the bay.
The symbol on my avatar is also Manx it can be seen all over the island and is on our flag.  It's called The Three Legs of Man. It's a triskelion and is thought to be Viking in origin like much about the Isle of Man.


Justflo said...

It;s quite entertaining when you have a secret project.. All guess work !!!

Jenny said...

Interesting .....a triskelion? What does it mean, can you tell us?

Lynda said...

My friend Nina is also a Manx girl and has a triskelion in her conservatory. It's not as beautifully stitched as yours but then we can't all be such talented needle women!

Stina said...

Smile.. and when my "relatives" came to Norway/Sweden they behaved very badly so they took of two of the legs from the weapon so now we only have one leg in ours..:O)))