Saturday, 17 March 2012

Finally Finished

I finally pulled my finger out and finished the Daisy Quilt.
 All I had left to do was to neaten my thread ends.
 I added some extra daisies and even quilted a few daisies in between to appliqué.
I'm rather pleased with how this has turned out. It's already had it's first wash, (To get rid of my blue guide lines) and the edges of the flowers have already gone fluffy.
As for that batting I showed in my last post, I finally beat it into submission by tumbling it one more time with a pair of wet jeans!! It got a good half hour on a medium heat. There are still a few lumps and bumps, and a stretched area but it's so much better than it was. In future if I want a man made batting I'll stick to my dream green! (Though I do have a queen size piece to use up. I see another quilt as I go project for that one).
So the Charming Hearts quilt is all layered and ready for quilting. Unfortunately I won't have sewing machine time until Monday and Tuesday of next week, so it's folded loosely over a chair in my sewing room. It was over the top banister of the stair, but I'm awaiting delivery of a new bed today, so I moved it out of the way.
Happy Mothers day!
Tomorrow is Mother's Day for us Brits, so my hunney suggested that he take both me and my mum out for dinner tomorrow. Isn't he a sweetie. XX


Stina said...

Love this one.. a happy little quilt..:O)

Miss 376 said...

The daisy's are so pretty, the fluffy edges really add to it. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow

Janice said...

It's amazing what achange a couple of extra flowers made. It looks great.

Gari said...

Your quilt turned out so very charming. And yes, he is a sweetie. You really lucked out with this one. Happy Mother's Day.

melanie moore said...

I love the fresh spring colours you have used in the quilt it looks fabulous. Well done .

Ali Honey said...

The white flowers look lovely on it.
Happy Mothers Day!

milly said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your quilt is beautiful, the daisy are really pretty.

Looking forward to seeing the next one.
Happy weekend.

AnnieO said...

So sweet! I like the daisies a lot. Happy Mother's Day to you! Ours in the US isn't until May.

Lynda said...

The quilt itself is lovely, but the addition of the flowers lifts it to fabulous! (Good luck with the wadding!)