Saturday, 19 May 2012

Me Time!!

After the boring curtains came some play time. I finally made my way back to my Black, white and grey patches. I still have a few more blocks to make, but I was itching to play with my new square ruler.
 The angle is a little more obvious on the top picture, but here's a closer look anyway. Nothing especially clever, just a 12 inch square ruler set at an angle on some 14.5 inch nine patch blocks.
I'm off to get my clicky finger busy, I think I may need a couple more packets of these charms as I changed plans and decided to use less red. 


AnnieO said...

I love that one red square! This is a fun way to add interest to good old nine patches. Enjoy! (sooo much better than boring beige curtains)

Janice said...

I think you deserve some me time after 30 feet of curtains. I love the look of your quilt. How quickly do you need your charms? Do you have time to wait for a little pack from Oz? Let me know if you would like some of my leftovers from Mick's quilt. I just can't cut them until next weekend, as Mick would see the fabrics which he doesn't know exist. Are they 5"?

Lynda said...

Cutting blocks like this will give loads of movement and fun in your quilt! The red is good too.