Thursday, 31 January 2013

A better day

This has taken some doing I can tell you! For some reason I was unable to upload photos from the computer, I've been all over the internet trying to ensure you have an image! Anyway, I'm here now. Thank you for your supportive messages in response to my last post, they are just what I needed. I've arranged to have a few Mondays off work, we'll see how things go. Next Monday I'll be going with Mum when she has her appointment at blood clinic. Hopefully not only will she have her usual test, they will also do a type match and give her a transfusion. That takes up quite a bit of the day and really does nothing for her mood. I plan to take along some crochet and a pile of my foody magazines. We both enjoy looking through them and Mum can mark all the recipes she would like me to have a go at. She really enjoys that. Sometimes they are a hit and sometimes a miss, but we never know until we try. :-)
Onto the troublesome image. Nothing terribly special, just an update of my latest crochet project. I think one more round of colours and I'll call this one quits. Maybe I'll have it ready to take with me on Monday, I can add borders while mum gets her blood!
31.01.13 by TonysMRs
We have a busy weekend ahead of us. It's mums birthday on Friday, so we're off out for dinner. Then on Saturday my sister and her family will be joining us at home for another birthday dinner. (Having just had a major op, she is excused from joining us on Friday), Sunday, mum is having lunch with a friend, while I'm at work, then on Sunday evening another friend will be joining us for a Chinese banquet, which we will be doing take away style. Phew!  Maybe I won't have the blanket ready for it's borders!
Hmm, problem with doing the image thing this way is I don't have my siggie sewing machine. I do hope they sort out what ever the issue is very soon.

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