Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rum Sunday

I've had a very busy bank holiday weekend. It feels like we spent hardly any time at home. On Sunday, the good folk of Ramsey turned out to commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic. The occasion is marked and organised by the Royal Naval Association. (RNA). We are always joined by representatives from the islands Royal British Legion, the coastguards always send a contingent as do Llandudno coastguards. There are always representatives from the Chester RNA and this year the numbers were swelled by a contingent from Runcorn and another from Trafford. In total there were nine standards carried during the parade and ceremony. My Tony was one of those standard bearers.
 The war memorial and it's small gardens have had a bit of a redo, it looks good and the town band no longer have to stand on the grass,
  Once a wreath had been laid on the war memorial and all of the ceremonial stuff was completed, we retired to our meeting hall, where there was speeches and a couple of presentations,  and of course the toast to the Queen, Navy style. Yep! That's how Rum Sunday got it's name!
 Then the party really got started. And the coastguards really know how to party. 
A karaoke had been set up  The coastguards hogged the limelight they were singing and drinking and dancing the whole afternoon.
 At five o'clock the karaoke had to go and we got kicked out of the hall. But that didn't stop the party, we just moved to the pub next door!! And then the pub down the road, and then another one after that, where we found more Karaoke!!
 I think I finally got home at about 1 am. 
Now you know why I didn't have time for crafting.


Diane-crewe said...

mmm .. looks like a good party.. maybe it is safest if you stay away from machinary until the alcohol evaporates xx

QuiltSue said...

It looks like you had a good time.