Friday, 14 June 2013

On a roll.

Having cleared the metal blockage that was being caused by the two previous quilts, I'm full steam ahead again. My playroom at the top of the house has been a hive of activity and there has been much sorting and tidying going on up there, not to mention plenty of creativity. All thanks to Faith. 
Yesterday I came across a bundle of chopped up shirts. I chopped them into eight inch squares, I wanted this to be a quick project.
 And quick it was, they went from a pile of scraps to a completed top in very little time.
 By the time Tony came home from work it was layered and pin basted!!
It's stuck there now, waiting for some thread. I don't have just the right blue. I had a look in town this morning, then resorted to WWW. 
 I guess I'll be quilting this next week.
I continued with the tidy up last night and this morning. Today it was the turn of my scraps box. I've been cutting four inch squares
Of course there are still plenty of scraps, but they are a lot tidier.  I was also pretty ruthless, true scrappers would have nightmares but I threw out pretty much anything that I couldn't get a four inch charm from. I know I'll never use them and it seems silly to take them all the way to NZ. 
Well lunch break is over, this afternoon I'll be cutting more white and off white charms. 
Thank you to everyone who commented on my becoming a Grand Parent. 


Diane-crewe said...

talk about being on a roll!

have fun xx

Cath said...

Great top, looking forward to seeing more .X