Friday, 19 July 2013

Cross stitch

I think I need to play about a little with the settings on this new camera. It's been ok for the out door shots, but I noticed when I came to do my update picture for Moonbeam, that she seemed to be an odd colour! I'm not stitching on blue Aida! 
 I tried moving to a different room, closer to the window, but got the same result. Even though it was on auto, the flash kept going off, even right in the window on a beautiful bright sunny day!
I had a quick play about with the settings and came up with a better image.
This is more like it. A little pale perhaps.
Anyway, here you go. I have almost finished the first page, I just need to add the colour to her wing. Last night while Tony was busy with the Play Station I finished up everything else on the page and got page 2 out, you can just make out the dark grey line that is the bottom of the moon there on the bottom right of the stitching.
I think I'll be working on her some more today. I got a little over cooked yesterday, so think I should stay indoors and play today, more sunshine tomorrow though. This weather is amazing, like the summers of my childhood, not the wet miserable summers we have become used to recently.
Domestics are already done, so another shower, then sewing time.

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QuiltSue said...

I must admit, I have my little camera set so it takes OK pictures, and I never change it. That way, it's easy!