Friday, 25 October 2013

Has any one seen it?

My Mojo. I left it somewhere.
I just can't seem to settle to anything at the moment. 
My blue and white crochet is lying neglected.
The pink and yellow one is all put away in a bag behind the sofa!
 Poor Santa is abandoned in a corner.
 I did fiddle with some Christmas ideas, but even they stalled/
 Maybe once my hand improves.......? 
As you see it's still all wrapped up in the elastic dressing. There is a little improvement, the swelling is all gone and the bruising has cleared too. It doesn't hurt quite so much when I wallop it on something, but I still can't bend my pinkie.
I don't wear the dressing 24/7 any more.
So, if I'm not crafting what am I doing?
Filling in forms.
Immigration visa forms.
Medical declaration forms.
Criminal records bureau forms.
Making lists.
Lists of things I need to do.
Lists of Christmas gifts!
Lists of what needs to be packed into a container.
Lists of things I have to sell/give away.
Lists of people we need to inform.
The grocery list!
On a cuter note.
My beautiful Grand daughter Faith.
 Playing Peek - a - boo!
Maybe my mojo went to hide behind her blanket?


Gari in AL said...

With all you have to do before you make that very big move, your MoJo has probably decided you need a brain rest. It will come back when you need it, crafty people can't help it.

Diane-crewe said...

give yourself time .. seems you have more than enough to do anyway xx

QuiltSue said...

Perhaps you left your mojo in Gozo?

Tazzie said...

Your mojo and mine are probably off partying somewhere together! I'll let you know if I stumble across them!