Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Postman has been!

Last week Tony was watching me as I pressed under a quarter inch on some appliqué pieces, with a household iron!  He mentioned that perhaps I could do with something smaller. So I told him all about the clover mini iron. The postie didn't just bring a mini iron, he brought the whole lot. Iron, stand, adapters and carry case. Apparently there is also a new mini ironing board to come too!
Have I mentioned how much I love my Hubby?
 So now I'm not sure what to do with myself today. Do I finish off my crochet project? It should only take an hour or two. Do a little more to Spring Geisha? I made great progress yesterday. :-)
Or do I go up to my play room and find a project which needs a mini iron? LOL
Stay comfortable wherever you are.
And make time to play.


Jewells said...

WOW! you certainly are spoilt! I must look into something like that for myself...or should I show my other half your blog??? LOL!

julieQ said...

What a dear person to go and get the iron you needed!! I am glad you have a day to sew!

Stephanie said...

Good dilemma to have -- cross stitch, crochet, or start a new project. Have fun. The mister is a keeper!

Mad about Craft said...

I'm the same today. I've lots to do & I don't fancy doing any of them today!

I'm going to save up for a mini iron as I've started doing applique & it is impossible with an ordinary iron!

Diane-crewe said...

good for a hubby that not only LISTENS .. but acts on what he hears xx Hope you managed to come to a decision xx

Janice said...

You're spoilt. He's definitely a keeper.

QuiltSue said...

How lovely of him. Can I borrow him to teach my DH a few of these sort of habits please?