Thursday, 24 April 2014

The great outdoors!

I was busy outside in the garden the other day and realised that I hadn't yet had the camera out there. We have a small lawn area at the back. On the left beyond the end of the garage is a veggie garden. The property owners have cleared it all out and laid a good thick mulch on most of it, but I noticed spuds and peas trying to get through! There is also a very young lemon tree and a few herbs.  I'm not sure what that tree is in the foreground, but beyond it is a feijoa bush. The building on the right is the property owners other rental. It's a small place with a separate entrance. Although the windows overlook our garden, they are frosted and in time the bushes and plants will thicken to give even more privacy, to both parties.
 I don't think I have ever seen feijoas before I came to NZ. The fruits on this one are not ready yet. I had a look online and the sites I found seemed to suggest that here on South island they will ripen in May.
I know Lee and our nieces are looking forward to that, they love them.
I am not a fan of them. So I'm happy to know that they won't go to waste.
When I went to get a closer look at the fruits for you, I spotted a nest in the bush. It was all very quiet, so I believe it is currently vacant.
Looking back toward the house you can see our covered deck area. Those big windows obscured by the giant BBQ are my play room, I may have to have words about where that thing is going to live when not in use!
Along side the house is a two car garage with attached man cave! Well if I get a play room I guess he should have one too!
It's currently pretty empty, with only a few garden tools and the mower in residence. I'm sure that will change.
There is a small garden at the front too, I'll show that another day.
The gardens all have a shut down and finished with feel to it at the moment, I can't help but wonder what spring will bring?


AnnieO said...

It's so great to have outdoor space in a rental--my daughter and her then boyfriend lived for two years in a duplex with a front yard--tiny but with a big avocado tree--on a busy corner. Someone stole their rocking chair off the minuscule porch! Can't wait to see your new playroom all decked out.

Gari in AL said...

What season are you in? How nice to have a yard to play/rest in and to look at when you are in your play room. So, where do you think your things are now? I know you can hardly wait to get them and set up your living space for real.