Wednesday, 4 June 2014


It's frosty this morning! 
I have to say I'm loving these frosty winter mornings. They all turn into warm sunny days.
Not like a British winter at all!
 While I was out taking pictures of frosty leaves and pegging out an early wash, I popped into the man cave. Here you see the mound of flattened boxes awaiting removal, and a few boxes stuffed with crumpled paper, also to be removed. That neater pile at the back are keepers though.
 And another pile of keepers! We have one more move to make. This is a rental house, when we find the right place, we will buy our forever house. No more moves.
 The washing machine is still earning it's passage. It's on it's third load already today! Having caught up on all the crushed clothing from the container, now I'm onto the usual weekly laundry.
And yes, there are still boxes in the laundry.
They contain some of our MANY pictures.
Great big windows make for less picture hanging space. 
 The play room is starting to take shape. For now I have the big computer in there.
I even sacrificed my cutting table, until such time as we get a desk.
So now I have no sewing tables. Still no word on my folding table, I should get onto Pickfords and see what if anything they might have discovered. The majority of the boxes here are sewing and craft related stuff. I think I need more storage! Did I really bring that much stuff? And to think, I got rid of loads. I thinned out when we moved in with Mum, then again when it was time for the big move.
 Our lovely table, it seems small in this house, but filled the room at mums. (I know some people do, but I will never put a sewing machine on this table.)
 Some very special people followed me.
 And one very elegant lady.
 The place is really feeling much cosier now.
 We even found that vital part for the TV. Eventually. 
 I might sit here for a while later.
I trashed nearly all of my beautiful nails! They chipped and broke in the marathon of unpacking, so yesterday I was off to see Carlee, they were beyond repair and rescue. She gave me a manicure, evened things up and put new colour on. I'll get a picture later.
I really am enjoying being able to have pretty nails after 20+ years of having them for special occasions only.


AnnieO said...

Glad you're getting everything set up as you like. Empty boxes are a good thing! Too bad about your nails but at least that's a temporary setback. Enjoy your playroom!

Diane-crewe said...

so glad your home is coming together .. even if it is only until you find "your" home x its starting to look great x

Janice said...

Even though you are still unpacking the house looks so much more like a home now. What a difference a few ornaments and pictures make. I'm glad your Mum's lovely table has pride of place. I see what you mean about it' s scale in this room.