Tuesday, 5 August 2014

It's that time of year again!

 Though I have to say, it doesn't feel like it!
The temperatures are pretty much the same, except for the morning frosts.
But it really doesn't feel like August.
It can't be my birthday yet, surely.
But it is, and a bit of a milestone too, I'm halfway to Ninety!!
So as you can see, Tony sent beautiful flowers, he always does. :-)
 My gift is still in the mail!
That's predictable too! LOL
And we're off out for tea tonight.
Joe also marked the occasion with not one but two packages.
 A cute wee bunny and would you just look at this guy....
Isn't he a hoot?
They are both lovely, but I particularly fell in love with the owl. :-)
I've been out for a lovely swim this morning and pottered about the house doing just a little of the necessary.
There is a raspberry and coconut slice in the oven, smells wonderful!
And I got to lick the jam spoon. :-p
All of my chores completed I can relax for the afternoon and join my geisha.
 She is almost done, it feels like she has been almost done for weeks now!
But look at the chart, if I leave off the watery bit at the bottom, as previously discussed, then there really is only a tiny bit left!
 Then I'll be forced to make a decision about who or what is next!
I have two new books on their way, a new chart in the mail and a new kit in the mail, not to mention all the stashed goodies. I'm sure I'll find something.
Yesterday I was pottering in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and remembered that I wanted to get pictures of some of the trees and shrubs.
This magnolia is beautiful, I love the delicate pink and white flowers, so dainty compared to it's very ostentatious cousin across the road. Hmm, no pic of that one. It has huge dinner plate sized deep pinky red blooms. Also beautiful.
 Also in our back yard and flowering away is this lovely rhododendron. The flowers are much redder than this, but it was such a bright day, the sun has washed them out. 
That's it from me. Time to go play.


kiwikid said...

Happy birthday!!! Love the owl too! Hope you have a great night out. Your geisha is beautiful.

Deb said...

Happy birthday Lou. Hope you have a wonderful day.

AnnieO said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a nice bunch of gifts and pottering to make the day grand :)

Ali Honey said...

Happy First BIRTHDAY in NZ!

Janice said...

Happy birthday. Enjoy your evening out to dinner. Your gifts are lovely. I can't with to see the finished geisha which will be soon now.

Jewells said...

Happy Birthday to you!... also, I do remember when visiting NZ, that there is rhododendron "trees" grown there, where here in Australia we grow rhododendron "bushes".

Diane-crewe said...

hope the meal was wonderful xx .. and the present when it arrives x I admit to liking your little owl too x

QuiltSue said...

Happy birthday. I hope it was a wonderful mini-milestone day for you.