Sunday, 14 September 2014

Secret stuff.

I applied to join in with a certain Christmas swap again this year, after 2 years off. Part of the application process was to let the organisers know who I have previously swapped with.
That was fun, going back through my old blog posts and finding them.
Of course the ornaments I have received are pulled out of their protective wrapping and added to the tree every Christmas! Pincushions are in constant use as are bags and beautifully covered folders. Many items in my sewing room, kitchen and around my home are the result of swaps. There are so many I have forgotten which swap! So it was good to go back and see where much loved items have come from.
It was also a good exercise to look back and see what I have gifted in previous swaps.
Sometimes I feel that my efforts are perhaps not quite as good as I would like them to be, but they are always gratefully received.
I love being a part of this worldwide crafting community, it has made a huge world, a much smaller and very friendly place.
So, all of that said, I spent a couple of hours this morning sewing away at secret stuff. I don't know who my partner will be, but I do know that there are certain items I must include in my package, so making a start on those is a good idea.
As I can't show secret stuff here, I'll post and updated picture of Sleepy instead. 
It was terribly exciting the other day to be finished with those blues and be able to change colour groups. :-)
All of the dots/holes will be filled later with beads. 
Did I mention that there are lots of beads in this design?
I think I'll spend the afternoon with sleepy.
Sounds like a plan?


Diane-crewe said...

I have joined in too... I was a complete standstill with one of my previous partners! I know exactly what she sent me ... but can I remember her name....NOPE!! whoops xx lol x I've been asleep since then! (snort!)

Chookyblue...... said...

enjoy your secret planning.............

Janice said...

Boy, you have been busy with your cross stitch. It will be finished in no time at this rate. Have fun scheming for the SSCS.