Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OMG! Progress.

 Now that the majority of the secret sewing is completed and on it's way, I've been able to spend some quality time with Sleeping Beauty again. Here is where she was when I last showed a progress picture here on my blog back toward the end of September.
And here she is now! 
Wow, I see a huge difference.
But I'm still only on the first page. LOL
I have made a change to the charted design, see the curly-Qs on the image below? I left them off. The folds and drape in the pale green fabrics looks lovely as it is charted, with clever use of thread shades and blends, then the curly-Qs are beads which seem to just sit on top of the design and don't have any folds or shading in them at all. They just look odd in my opinion, so I left them off and filled in their spaces with the thread used in the surrounding areas. Now I'm beginning to wonder about all the spaces I left for beads in the pale blue area.......
Watch this space.
In other news.
The piles of boxes are growing, little collections of items are lurking in all manner of places.
The walls are bare, as all the pictures are down.
Dresser tops are bare and ornaments have been carefully packed.
Yesterday I planned to make a casserole for tea, then after the meat had defrosted I remembered that I had packed the casserole dishes!
Only two more sleeps.
Still not excited.
Packing up is just a chore.


Janice said...

Good luck with the move tomorrow. I can honestly say that I know how you feel. The removalists are at our house as I write this (Thursday morning)packing our furniture. We are moving all the boxes ourselves. I am at work, as one of the other girls has today and tomorrow off. We still have the kitchen cupboards, laundry cupboards, linen press and my craft cupboards to be packed. We just needed to get the furniture moved so that we have somewhere to put things in the new house.

Gari in AL said...

Looks like your about to get a move on. Ha ha