Monday, 26 January 2015

A new blogger!

You have all read in recent posts about my new pal Debbie haven't you? She is the lady who is sewing along with me on A Christmas Story.
Please go along and visit her and make her feel welcome.
Leave a comment and let her know what you would like to see on her blog.
Debbie is very crafty and has made all manner of things on her sewing machine over the last few months, I seem to have re awoken some of her talents which had lain dormant while family life and work commitments took over for a few years.
Welcome to the world of blogging Debbie. 

As you know life is also getting in the way of my own crafting endeavours at the moment too!
My back has made improvements though. The lightening strikes are fewer now. We had our weekly get together on Saturday and I must admit to drinking more than two very large barcardis!! I could feel my back loosening up as the evening wore on and had to remind myself to be careful.
On Sunday morning I lay in bed wondering if I would be able to move. In the end I could put it off no longer and had a try.
That was easier than it has been of late!
I wandered about the house for a while.
Oh my goodness, could this be true?
A favorite perch at the moment is here! To allow the sun to shine on my back and warm it. Lovely.
I was even able to help out some in the garden! The reclamation of a very much overgrown and neglected garden continues.
The silver pear tree in the picture below was our first target yesterday. It is sadly now gone. I may find a spot for a replacement, but that is a long way off, plenty more reclaiming to do, before we begin replanting.
Next to go was another tree on the North side of the house, it was crowding out this beauty. I'm not entirely sure what this tree is, It has very pretty variegated leaves and a lovely shape. There is also a variegated sycamore/maple leaved tree in this photo too, it was also overcrowded by the now chopped down culprit.
Try as I might, I just cannot get a good picture of this spot this morning, maybe on another less bright day?
After I had downed tools in order to go to work, Mother and Father in law turned up again. Things really got going. Tony and his Dad pulled out the stumps of the two trees while his mother set to having a good tidy up of the beds along the North side.
Sadly one or two items I had hoped to keep are now gone and one or two items that I planned to chop are still here! 
This pink creeper is gone. Shame, it is pretty.
Work will continue!
So, am I paying today for a weekend of fun and hard work?
Not really no. Yes my back is still sore, but it really is vastly improved on this time last week. I'm off to see the chiropractor again today before I go in for an extra shift at work.
Fingers crossed for a continued speedy recovery.
While I was poking about looking for photos hoping to find some 'before' shots of the garden, I came across this one and remembered that I hadn't shown my quilt inspectors since they were unboxed here at our new place.
They may or may not be staying in this spot in the corner of my room, we'll have to wait and see.
Hmm, my room, I did ask for help with naming this here room didn't I?
I even hinted that there may be goodies in it for one lucky commenter.
I haven't forgotten, I just didn't feel up to creating anything yet.
I'll get to it.
So if you're interested, comments here please.
Oh, my goodness, that was over a month ago!!

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Janice said...

Hi Lou. I'm finally getting to catch up on blog reading after being without a computer for about a week - from a power surge - grrrr! I'm glad you back is on the mend. That was the last thing you needed to happen. Mick has full sympathy for you. Keep moving it gently. I'm looking forward to following Debs and your progress on your quilts and will pop over in a minute to visit her new blog. See you in just over a week....Oh dear, so much to do before hand.