Monday, 12 January 2015

A Tale of Four Projects!

First up, one you have all seen before.
Sleepy has slumbered quietly pretty much since we moved in here, just over a month ago!
I did get to spend two brief afternoons with her over the holidays and hope to find more time for her soon. I'm still working on the first page of six. 
The next project is from Anni Downs book, a Christmas Story.
I'll be working away slowly at this one during the year as Debs and I planned a block a month project.
Following the block system in the book.
Block one is in the top left of the picture below. So, the Partridge, the Angel Choir, the three baubles and the candle holder. Along with all the little joining/sashing squares.
 Debs is waaaay ahead of me and has all the appliqué prepared and ready for stitching!
Our fabric selection has needed a bit of tweaking. We shared a fat quarter bundle of neutrals for the back grounds.
 And a fat eighth bundle for the images 
 And we have both added other elements from our stash.
 And our scrap bins!
 Although our projects are the same pattern and use pretty much the same fabric collections, there will be differences. 
It will be fun to work on a project together. I just need to find the time to get on with it.
Of course I've had time to shop!
I've been back in to Sandys quilt shop and found some more foody fabrics, for my third project. This one is still very much in the plan and collect stage! The plan changes almost weekly and the collection is growing slowly.
Chocolate, coffee and a bountiful harvest! 
My batik quilt remains as you saw it last, all spread out on the floor behind me here!
Maybe now that Tony has gone back to work, I'll find more time for some stitchy pursuits.
I still have two weeks of extra shifts to get through, before I go back to my normal shifts, I have to say, I'm looking forward to that.
Two hours before I have to get ready to go into work today. What can I get up to?


Mad about Craft said...

You are going to be busy!

Raewyn said...

It's always fun to start a new project - especially with a friend - this is a gorgeous pattern and I love your fabric selections - I look forward to watching your progress on it.

Gari in AL said...

Wow, that's a lot of pretty you have there. I really like your BOM quilt and look forward to seeing it progress.